Before you contact us using the Contact Us Form, please try to see if you may find the answer for your questions from the list of frequently asked questions/answers below:
1: My clock displays time, date, temperature… but there is no green light.

Check to see if your clock is well connected to Internet via the network cable. Turn the clock off, leave 3 seconds then turn it back on. Depending on your Internet condition, it may take some minutes for the clock to connect to Internet.

2: My clock works fine at home but can’t connect to Internet in my office.

Check with your network administrator to see if your office network is set not to automatically assign an IP address to a new device. If this is the case, call our technical support for further instructions.

3: The red light on my clock is permanently on.

Check your clock’s inbox to see if it’s full i.e. it has 50 messages. If the inbox is full, try to delete as many messages as possible to release the memory. If the inbox is not full, turn the clock off, leave 3 seconds then turn it back on.

4: I never received the activation email after creating a new iXP3 account.

Make sure you check the correct email. Also check your “spam” or “junk” folders. It may take up to 24 hours for the system to send you the activation email.

5: My clock has loud ticking noise when running.

Try to relocate the clock on a level surface. Check to make sure the network cable is not in the position that makes it push/pull the clock. If the problem remains, call our technical support.

6: My clock keeps displaying messages that were deleted.

Check to see if those messages were permanently saved in the clock. Delete them (refer to the User Guide for further instructions).

7: My clock can’t display old messages after the network cable is unplugged.

This is not an error. Your iXP3 clock needs to connect to Internet to read both old and new messages.

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