iXP3 Internet Message Clock
Frequently Asked Questions
1. Do I need to have a computer to use the iXP3?

No. Simply plug the iXP3 into an available Internet port either on your router or your switch.

2. Do I need to do any system setup after I plug the iXP3 to the Internet?

No. The iXP3 will automatically detect your network settings, connect to the server and will be ready to receive messages. You dont have to worry about such network setup hassles as IP addresses, Internet gateways, ports, etc.

3. Can I use the iXP3 to both send and receive messages?

No. The iXP3 can only receive and display messages that are sent from computers with Internet access. The iXP3 can also display time, date and temperature.

4. Is it true that the iXP3 can receive messages at any place in the world?

Yes it can (anywhere with internet access). The iXP3 can start receiving and displaying messages in a stunning way as soon as it is connected to the Internet. It works the same regardless of location. You can have this unique message display showing at home, in your office, in the U.S., Europe, Asia, Africa, etc.. All you need to have is an available Internet port and connection.

5. Do I have to pay any subscription fee in order to use the iXP3 to receive messages?

No fee required! Due to this revolutionary technology, the iXP3 can operate virtually anywhere on Earth with an Internet connection (no other services are required). The subscription-free iXP3 is an incredible, economical message delivery system!

6. Do I need to have an iXP3 in order to send messages to my friend who has an iXP3?

No, you dont need to have an iXP3 in order to send messages to your friends iXP3. You do need a computer with Internet access to login to the iXP3 dedicated website in order to send your messages.

7. Do I need to have an iXP3 account in order to send or receive messages?

Yes, you will need to create an iXP3 account in order to send or receive messages. Creating an iXP3 account is free and easy. You just need to visit the website www.myixp3.com and click the Create Account tab to get started.

8. Can the iXP3 display characters other than English-based characters, for instance Chinese?

Due to the limit of its display resolution, the iXP3 cannot currently display non- English characters. However, it can display common symbols such as J K L 8 ? ? We hope to introduce an International version of the iXP3 in the future.

9. I know my cell-phone text messages can contain up to 160 characters. How many characters can an iXP3 message can contain?

SMS text messages commonly contain a maximum of 160 characters. iXP3 messages can contain up to 200 characters.

10. Is there a limit for the number of messages that can be stored in the iXP3?

The iXP3 can store maximum of 50 messages in its Inbox. When the Inbox is full, a red indicator light will display and you will no longer be able to receive new messages. In order to continue receiving new messages, you will need to delete messages from the Inbox.

11. I have a special message sent from my son and I want to keep it permanently in my iXP3. How do I do that?

You can permanently keep up to 4 messages in your iXP3. Just select the message that you want to keep and save it. After that, you can set your saved message to be displayed in many different ways.

12. Can the iXP3 work with other voltages than US 120V current?

Yes, the iXP3 uses an adapter. There is a variety of adapters with different types of prongs for you to select when ordering the iXP3. Be sure you order the correct adaptor for your region (120V adapter for US, 220V adapter for EU and Asia, 230V adapter for UK, etc).

13. Im going to travel around the world and I want to bring the iXP3 with me to receive messages from my family. What do I need to have?

If you dont know the voltage used in your target location, you will need a universal switching adapter (sold separately) that can work with various prongs and voltage in the world.

14. I only have dial-up Internet connection. Can I use the iXP3?

The iXP3 has minimum bandwidth requirements. Generally, as long as your dial-up network can offer a RJ45 port, you should be able to use the iXP3.

15. How can I place the iXP3 on the top of my fireplace where is no Internet access nearby?

If you want to place the iXP3 in a place that has no Internet access nearby, you will need to use an Ethernet Bridge. If you do not own an Ethernet Bridge, Each iXP3 comes with a special offer to purchase a set at a greatly reduced rate. This rate is only offered to our iXP3 customers (one set per iXP3). Ethernet Bridges are also useful in other applications (not just with the iXP3).

16. How quickly will a sent message be displayed on the iXP3?

It depends on what modes are set on your iXP3 and can vary from 15 seconds (high mode) to 15 minutes (low mode). The iXP3 is a smart device, it will automatically switch from the low mode to the high mode when it knows you are around.

17. I want to place multiple iXP3 devices in my home, office (both in US), my office in Hong Kong and my friends home in Germany so that I can send messages to those places. Can I do that?

Definitely. You just need to make sure you order the right adapters for each location. In this case, you will need to select the US 120V adapters for your home and your office in US, the UK 230V for your office in Hong Kong and the EU 220V for your friend in Germany.

18. Can I have two different iXP3 accounts so that I can use one for my family and one for my business?

Yes you can. Each iXP3 may only be registered under one account, however you can send messages to each account separately or together.

19. What happens to the messages that I have received if I unplug the iXP3 or there is a power outage?

As long as you dont physically delete messages (either from your iXP3 or from your account Inbox), you will not lose them. Note that there is a maximum of 50 messages that may be kept in your Inbox (see FAQ no. 9)

20. What happens if people send me messages while my iXP3 is unplugged from the power or Internet connection?

Your iXP3 does not need to be online in order for people to send messages. As soon as you connect it to the Internet and it is powered, the iXP3 will start receiving those messages.

21. If I place my iXP3 in my office, can somebody read the iXP3 device number on the label at the bottom and use it to hack into my iXP3 account?

No. Each device number may be registered under one account only. Since you have already registered your device number under your account, it becomes unavailable with regard to being registered under a different account. It will however, become available to be registered under a different account as soon as you delete it from your account. Important: Treat your iXP3 account password as you would your bank account password!

22. Will I be spammed by people whom I dont know?

No. People may only send you messages after they request your permission to add your iXP3 address to their address book and you accept their request. You can also stop users from sending you messages at any time by deleting them from your address book.

23. Can I still use other non-Internet functions of the iXP3 i.e,. displaying time, date, temperature and recording custom messages if I dont have an Internet connection?

Of course you can. Without connecting to Internet, your iXP3 still works as a nice and attractive clock displaying time, date, temperature, daily greetings, holidays greetings, custom messages (inputted using the front programming buttons) all displayed using persistence of vision technology!

24. Can I use the iXP3 to make coffee?

No, however waking up to a special message sent from the other side of the planet is pretty darn cool.